Monday, March 31, 2014

Mike & Nhorleen Wedding (Bloopers)

Mike & Nhorleen Wedding
(Oppps moments)

From a regular viewpoint, it was a regular wedding similar to the millions of weddings held at that exact time all over the world. Except that all invited guests was required to wear white, which we all did but for one who wore a blood crimson red dress, and a wedding where there were more photographers than guests.
Oh there was nothing earth-shaking about their wedding alright but 99.9 percent of all wedding videos will show you the tender romantic moments as two lovers exchanged vows and share their most memorable moment , editing out the less pleasant moments that are always a part of the any event.

These are the “scenes behind the scenes.”
While waiting for the bride, somebody was furiously writing stories on a laptop outside the chapel (yeah that’s what you get when you have reporters in your entourage) to beat her deadline. The rest of the entourage was busy fanning themselves to cool a bit.

Inside the chapel the A/C stubbornly refused to turn on.
Finally, the wedding began with the sponsors and entourage marching on. Khalil the ring bearer literally bounced and hopped on his way, passing the bible bearer on his way. Nhorleen the bride started marching/stumbling toward the chapel, and it was a real struggle for her to avoid stepping on her gown too many times.
During the exchange of vows, the officiating pastor forgot Nhorleen’s surname. Nhorleen forgot her vows and had to ask the pastor to repeat it. Khalil refused to let go of the rings and his mom Loida and tita Rose had to wrestle the pillow from him. You should look at his face when the rings were taken from him.

Oh the rings. Mike had a hard time slipping it on Nhorleen’s finger. When it was Nhorleen’s turn, the ring won’t fit Mike’s finger. She struggled and finally the ring slipped, and got stuck. All through the ceremony the kids were shouting and chasing each other around the small chapel. One of the flower girls started pulling on the curtains until an older girl stopped her. Sally was busy scrolling through her iPad.
At the reception the kids continued chasing and shouting, rolling on the floor like it was one huge playground with angels (us all clothed in white) around. When it was Mike’s turn to toss the garter, there was no available single guy so Hapi the Emcee had to “bribe” the small kids that whoever catches the garter will get a prize.

All in all it was such a glorious funny wedding where everyone felt so relaxed and carefree, just like one big regular party of close friends, and the most funny wedding I've attended so far.

P.S. I waited 15 months to post this in the hopes that I’d be giving this as a gift for their first-born child, but 15 months and still no news of them shopping for cribs and strollers. Ok maybe next month?
LOL hope you enjoy watching!

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